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Hario Slim Grinder Review
Hario Coffee Grinder Mini Mill Slim

Hario Slim Grinder Review

If you are searching for an excellent quality mill that is likewise simple on your wallet, you have actually concerned the ideal location. The Hario Mini Mill Slim is not just inexpensive however likewise includes ceramic burrs that guarantee an even grind size– however can a mill because reward truly provide consistency throughout? Check out even more to discover the response!

Hario Coffee Grinder Mini Mill Slim Review

For about $25 you get a very slim mill that is simple to stash and for that reason perfect for taking a trip if you do not wish to go without a fresh coffee on your journey. When you take the manage off, the Mini Mill just determines 8 cm throughout and 18,5 cm in height which makes it truly simple to stow it in your knapsack or your kitchen area cabinet.

The little size of the mill likewise comes with a drawback. The little plastic tube at the bottom can just hold 30 grams of ground coffee. This may be enough for one cup of coffee, however if you are intending on welcoming your entire household and impressing them with your professional coffee, you might wish to get a mill that can hold more coffee grinds and permits you to grind everything in one go. In such an occasion, the Hario Coffee Mill Skerton may be an excellent option as it holds up to 100 grams of ground coffee.

The hopper of the Mini Mill holds about 30 grams of beans and includes a plastic cover that keeps the beans from “jumping” out while you are grinding. The deal with connects on top of the cover and can quickly be removed.

The Mini Mill utilizes ceramic burrs to grind coffee beans. A burr mill you will normally get you more even coffee grinds than a blade mill. The factor for this is that the burrs will just let particles through that are smaller sized than the range in between them.

The various grind sizes
You can change the grind size by turning the nut at the bottom of the mill. Each click of the nut will make the grind either finer or coarser. It will get finer if you turn the nut clockwise and coarser if you turn the nut counterclockwise. These modifications are actually simple making and you will see the outcome immediately.

The Mini Mill has an issue with coarser grind sizes. When you are grinding coffee for a french press, you will get great coffee particles amongst your coarse grinds. This disproportion of the grinds is certainly not perfect and has an unfavorable effect on your coffees.

The issue with the coarser grinds is, that space in between the burrs ends up being rather broad which the leading burr is just connected to the rod in the middle of the mill. This rod is just focused at the bottom of the mill and has the tendency to totter rather when you are grinding. This wobbling will lead to the leading burr moving a little and producing some great coffee dust.

You will not observe this with great grinds such as espresso as the burrs are close together and there is very little play in the range. The even more the burrs are apart, the more you will see that the grinds end up being unequal. If you want to customize your Mini Mill, there is a method to repair this concern by focusing the main rod.Hario Slim Grinder Review

Is the Hario Mini Mill for You?


  • Cost effective ($30).
  • Portable and Resilient.
  • Constant.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Needs Effort.
  • Little Hopper and Container.

I highly advise the Hario Mini Mill to any and all house makers who do not expect developing more than 3 cups per sitting. At that point, it might deserve it to buy a bigger device. I think this hand mill is the more effective, budget-friendly option.

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